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Anti-Abuse (english version)

Diese Seite in DEUTSCH.

First of all, we do not send "SPAM" mails nor we accept bulk sending of advertising mails. All e-mails sent from our server are mails sent manually by real persons that could also send the mail using their e-mail program. The difference is, that our E-cards (digital postcards) can be designed much more interesting and in less time (that is nothing unusual for e-cards). However, the e-mails sent for the e-cards are just notifications (for the recipient) and confirmations (for the sender). We do not sell the addresses and don't send anything else to these addresses. Since the sender also gets a copy of the e-card he is immediately informed when someone else is using it's address. In such a case, we can block his address (see below). Note that each e-mail has anti-abuse headers added and we store additional information to track any abuse.

We try hard to protect our service agains abuse. Unfortunately it's because of the nature of Internet that it is impossible to prevent any possible abuse. We offer our service in good hope and there are many thousands every month that use it in the right way.

For these few abuses we have mechanisms to stop further misuse immediately by blocking* any further e-mail to or from a victim e-mail address (regarding our system). In extreme cases we can also block an entire account or do other steps.

Important notice: We do not offer e-card images, MIDI music or anything similar. The contents are always added by our members who just use our e-card processing system (which contains no cards by default). Our rules say clearly that copyrighted material may be used only with a written permission. It's the sole responsibility of our members which contents are being used!

Please report any abuse to the e-mail address abuse at guweb.com and give as many details as possible.

Use that address also if you need more information. We will respond ASAP.


* After an e-mail address has been blocked it is not possibile to send any e-card to or from the address related. To be exact, our system will refuse to send any message to that address.

NOTE: We are victims of SPAM, too. That's why the e-mail address above is not clickable (protection against e-mail spiders).